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On a journey to make my writing suck less.
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Niklas Luhmann is probably the reason the word “overachiever” came to be. During his lifetime, he penned 550 articles, 50 books, and had dozens of semi-finished manuscripts to his name at the time of his death. He finished both his doctoral thesis and the habilitation as a professor of sociology…

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Conformity can be viewed from two angles. From one perspective, conformity is like a lube that makes it easier to get ahead in life. If you conform to the unspoken rules, others will reward you. As a child, you know what makes your parents and teachers (un)happy; you try to…

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A couple of days back I took a leap and subscribed to a service called Readwise*. This service lets you import highlights from various sources such as Medium, Pocket, and Kindle and import them to your personal management system (PMS).

I’m a frequent highlighter, as was shown on the number…

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If you think about it, the high consumption of written content does not differ from the high consumption of audiovisual content. In other words, binge-reading is the same as binge-watching.

Yet we glorify the former while we vilify the latter. Why? I think it’s because we’ve been socialized and brainwashed…

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There are two ways to find happiness:

  1. You find something novel that blows your mind away.
  2. You find happiness in something you already have.

But before we discuss this notion in greater depth, let’s first identify our predicament:

We have become too fickle as a society. It teaches us to…

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve sat down to write, intending to publish an article. It’s also been a few weeks since I’ve been feeling dreadfully bad about it.

In the past months, I’ve averaged around 3 articles per week. Not a break-neck pace (seeing as some dish out…

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The other day I’ve seen a movie starring Johnny Depp. In it, he plays an English literature professor Richard who’s just been told he has 6 months to live.

We follow him as he copes with his impending death, disregarding social norms, ignoring people’s feelings, and playing pretty much captain…

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A couple of months back I found myself checking my phone more often than usual. Looking back, the reason was (and still often is) pure escapism: when stuff doesn’t go well in the relationship, work, studies, or anywhere else, I often turn to what’s easy.

Checking Medium, scrolling on social…

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It’s stunning how much can pass you by if you don’t pay attention. In the past weeks, I did a bit of research into how I spend my time. Whenever I felt crappy about my day, I asked why. Turns out, one of two things was usually present:

  1. I indulged…

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It is the hallmark of our culture that we try to routinize everything. From our mornings to our toilet visits, it’s all about creating a proper routine. Why? Well, because routine is just a different word for efficiency and effectiveness! …

Marek Veneny

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